■ Personalized and Attentive Relationship Management

■ Asset and Wealth Appreciation Analysis

■ Asset Management through Diverse Investment Strategies

■ Legal and Tax Advice & Support

■ Cross Country Relocation Advice and Handling

■ Cooperation with Third Party Independent Experts (Banks, Law Firms, Fiduciaries/Trustees)

■ Private Office. Services that can be adapted to suit your particular needs including Lifestyle Management, Philanthropy Advice and Specialized services (Art, Events and many others).

While we collaborate with individuals from many different countries and cultures, they all share the same high ethical and professional standards. At BK & Associates, our priority is to anticipate and surpass your ever-evolving expectations.
To fulfill this ambitious aim requires not only technical expertise, but a dedication to the timeless human values of honorable ethics, discretion and respect for all individuals.