■ Spirit of Independence


■ Responsibility.
Combination of Ownership and Management


■ Confidentiality, Trust and Loyalty


■ Availability and Personalisation


■ Innovation, Creative and Solution oriented


■ Discipline, Stability and hard Work


■ In the Present for the Future

Based in Zurich and Dubai with a visiting office in Prague, BK & Associates is a privately held, independent, wealth management company. Our Associates are owners as well as managers, a testament to their long-term commitment and a guarantee of the harmony between their personal interests and the success of BK & Associates.
Our freedom of judgment is both our strength and our distinguishing feature. It drives our ability to innovate. At BK & Associates, your private banker has the flexibility needed to offer solutions tailored to your personal situation, a genuine sensitivity to your needs, and the ability to provide entirely impartial advice.
BK & Associates individualized services stand apart from the current trend towards standardized packages and one-size-fits-all investment advice offered by large conglomerates.
Our partnership with the custodian banks, independent specialists and consultants allows us to offer privileged access to services to fill almost any of your financial, business or personal needs.

For 127 years, The Vancouver Board of Trade (VBT) has helped businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper. To do so the VBT worked in the enlightened interest of its members to promote, enhance and facilitate the development of the region as a Pacific centre for trade, commerce and travel. The Board strives to enable and empower its members to succeed, grow and prosper in the global economy.

The company operates within a strictly regulated environment and under the direct supervision of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). Membership in SAAM represents a seal of approval for serious and high-quality services in the field of asset management.